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Top Quaity Hand Forged Japanese Samurai Tachi Battle Ready Sword Hazuya Polish.

Cold Steel Warrior Series Japanese SwordsThe steel has been throughly refined and tempered, A special clay is applied to the blade by hand, using a thin covering near the edge and a thicker layer over the rest of the blade. Top quaity hand forged japanese samurai tachi battle ready sword hazuya polish special customized sword

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Disney’s Sword in the Stone Production cel of Wart + Archimedes 1963.

Snow White Cel Animation Re creation Disney’s sword in the stone production cel of wart + archimedes – 1963 creator and publisher of such popular role-playing games as rifts, robotech, teenage mutant ninja turtles, heroes unlimited, dead reign, palladium fantasy rpg, and others. This item can be shipped worldwide.

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